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Sad News

Gaming results in real life death

Its one thing to be serious about gaming, but this is an entirely different thing.  A man from Philadelphia killed his daughter after an accident involving an Xbox. Tyrone Spellman aka Anwar Salahuddin pummeled his seven year old daughter several times, causing her skull to crack many times and ultimately causing her death. Reports also show that the child might have been flung across the room at some point.

The child apparently knocked over his Xbox after which Spellman reacted in such a manner.  He was convicted of third degree murder and child endangerment and faces up to 47 years in prison. Earlier an anonymous caller had called up the Department of Human Services to inform them that the child Aliyiah was in a household where she was abused, but even after routine investigations when there wasn’t enough evidence to support any intervention by authorities the matter had to be dropped.

Even though Spellman spent six to seven hours playing on his Xbox, the incident is more a result of a violent temper rather than addiction to gaming although that might have played a small part. The child’s mother was sleeping in the next room. He confessed to the crime the day after the child’s death and his lawyers argued that he had done so only to protect the child’s mother.  He claimed that the confession was coerced and had earlier claimed that the child had fallen off the bed.

Though the incident reflects more upon Spellman’s dangerously violent temper, critics of gaming will only have one more incident to their growing list of arguments against gaming and its adverse effect on society. While such incidents happen everyday, the fact that it happened over a Xbox is likely to cause a much bigger issue than it would in normal circumstances.

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