Automotive  HID Kits

So your looking for the best hid kit money can buy without hurting your pocket book too hard at the same time. If you ask a lot of people they will tell you some of the top names in HID kits are Acura, Honda, HummerLand Rover HID Kit, Toyota, Volvo HID Kit, Nissan HID Kit, Plymouth HID Kit, Mitsubishi HID Kit. While its hard to say that anyone of them is the best kit, them names come up alot when people are recommending brands. Just if your wondering I am running a Acura/Honda setup with Generation-3 Ballast Pair with integrated ignition and I am very pleased with the outcome. Acura CL 01-03 HID kit would be a great upgrade for your dim yellowish headlights. its very easy to install. 6000K HID Kit  its only
$79.99 limited time on the market. vehicle provides 3 times more light on the road than traditional halogen headlights! Guarantee and have a top quality because it is Made in Germany these kits are manufactured under the most strict quality control within a ISO-9001 certified factory. Toyota Avalon HID Kit  this is the few of more cars product model that you can buy it is low price guarantee at 110% you can afford and you can guarantee the quality is good. take this as opportunity to buy in affordable price.

Logitec Unveils 1TB External Hard Disk !

Today Logitec (No relationship between this and Logitech the Swiss Based Company) a Japan based company has announced its new external HDD with the storage capacity of 1TB. The name of this device is LHD-ED1000U2L with some eco friendly features.
This type hard disk gives us a nifty Power Saving Mode which will stop any HDD relation after one minute of inactivity. Even if you will be able to use this with both PC and Mac only a PC powered computer with the

appropriate software will allow us to tweak the power-saving feature and increase the time needed to stop the HDD disk rotations. The price of this device comes around 220€ in Japan. Price for other than Japan is not announced yet


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