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Party flavor

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MSI Wind U120 ready to roll

everal online retailers are taking preorders for the MSI Wind U120 netbook. The U120 is MSI’s sequal to the MSI Wind U100, and to be honest, there aren’t a ton of differences between the two products. The new computer adds support for 802.11draft-n wireless and a 6 cell battery appears to be standard on all models so far, while the MSI Wind U100 shipped with either a 3 or 6 cell battery. The U120 also has two distinct mouse buttons for left and right clicks below the touchpad, while the older netbook had a single button with a rocker dial. And as jkOnTheRun points out, there’s some new software on the U120 including a facial recognition program that lets you login to your computer by flashing your mug at the webcam.
Amazon is showing three models right now, the MSI Wind U120-001US, the MSI Wind U120-024US, and the MSI Wind U120-020US, with prices ranging from $379.99 to $469.99. The last one is the most expensive, and actually ships from J&R, which also does a better job of explaining the differences between these computers. According to J&R, the U120-020US has Bluetooth, 802.11n, and a 160GB hard drive while the other models have 120GB of storage and no Blutooth or 802.11n. But the Amazon product listings make it look like all three models have the same specs. So place any pre-orders with care.

Human Cloning

Britain's scientists won a green light Wednesday to pioneer the cloning of human embryos for research and set up the world's first embryo cell bank.
An influential House of Lords committee ruled that embryo cloning -- which federally funded academics in the United States are barred from carrying out -- should be allowed to proceed under strict conditions.
Committee Chairman Richard Harries, the Bishop of Oxford, said the cells taken from embryos within two weeks of fertilization could be crucial for research into finding a cure for debilitating diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
"We conclude that for this to be fully realized, no avenue of research should be blocked off at this stage," Harries told a news conference.

Last year Britain became the first country explicitly to allow the creation of embryos as a source of stem cells -- the primitive master cells that turn into other cell types and could be used to find cures to a wide range of diseases.
The regulations were held up by a court ruling in November after protests by pro-life campaigners, who say creating embryos for research is the first step toward reproductive cloning and that adult human or animal cells should be used instead.

Prime Minister Tony Blair's government rushed through revised legislation and an appeal court upheld the new laws last month, but research was effectively put on hold until Wednesday's announcement by the Lords' committee.
The British Medical Association said it strongly supported the verdict. "This research offers real hope to the millions of patients with conditions like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and diabetes," it said in a statement.

The committee said one condition for granting a research license to clone human embryos should be that any "cell line" generated from it be deposited in a stem cell bank.
Before any license was granted, health authorities should also ensure that there were no suitable existing cell lines in the bank.

"We are pleased that the Lords have recommended the establishment of a stem cell bank as a matter of urgency. Such a bank will allow researchers to explore this enormous potential in a controlled environment," said Professor Sir George Radda, chief executive of the Medical Research Council.

Critics of human embryo cloning say it represents the first step on a slippery slope to reproductive cloning. "At the very least there should be an international moratorium on embryo cloning until a ban on reproductive cloning is in place," the independent watchdog Human Genetics Alert said.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said the Lord's report was a "whitewash."
"(The committee's) membership was stacked with supporters of human cloning, many with close links to bodies with a vested interest in embryo research," SPUC's Anthony Ozimic said.
But paralyzed "Superman" actor Christopher Reeve says he hopes stem cell research might give him the chance to walk again.
Reeve, confined to a wheelchair since breaking his neck in a riding accident in 1995, told BBC radio this week he hoped scientists would be able to turn the stem cells into spinal cord tissue.

"I would go to the UK, I would go anywhere in the world for therapy that is safe and could accomplish the goal of recovery," he said.

Scientists have deliberated human cloning at least as far back as 1938 and the first laboratory successes in tinkering with DNA and human embryos took place in the early 1990s. As ethical and biological debate continues over the wisdom of ever crossing the human cloning scientific frontier, scientists have offered divergent opinions on just what cloning would mean for the human race.

Fused Cell & Egg
A single cell containing genetic material - such as skin - is removed from the individual to be cloned and is laid side-by-side with the gutted egg. With a technique called electrofusion, the two are combined when an electric pulse creates a one-cell cloned embryo and activates the nucleus to enable the reconstructed egg to start dividing. The reconstructed egg is placed in a petri dish and grown into a multi-celled embryo.

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