Direct X

Direct X For all PC users it is an imperative need that you should know what exactly is the meaning of DirectX and how it may be associated with any error issues faced by your computer so that you can take necessary steps in fixing and/or repairing the problems at the earliest. 

To help you there is various online resources that can reliably guide you to interpret the possible error codes and tell you how to tackle these problems. Some of the typical error messages that can be flashed across your computer screen if you are using an older and redundant version of the DirectX which is incompatible with your operating system need to be checked out by you. So, sometimes you may be shown a message by the computer that it is unable to locate certain files such as d3d8.dll, ddraw.dll or d3d9.dll or that it has failed to initialize dinput9.dll. At other times it may be announced that dplay.dll has performed an illegal operation whereas other error messages may tell you that an access violation has been identified in DirectX file D3D8.DLL. 

Some other DirectX issues that may bother you occasionally include when an essential .DLL file – D3F9.Dll- could not be found and therefore the application you want to run could not be opened. At other times your screen may be completely blank and show nothing and also when there is a looping audio problem where either pulsing sound is heard or no sound emits from your PC, these are examples of DirectX problems and some of the best solutions include updating the latest DirectX version in your PC or re-installing a malfunctioning application.

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